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Inventory Management For Cloud Kitchen

We recently had one of our customers reach out to us, and inquired if we can build a Inventory Management module for their cloud kitchens.

The challenge they were facing with was lack on control over inventory & wastage. In addition, they also wanted to know their daily and weekly inventory usage. So they can do better procurement and planning for forecasted sales.

We already had a module for managing vendors and purchase orders. Now we needed to connect it to inventory at each outlet and warehouse. We also had to build a system to allow them to create recipes for each product, so the system can auto adjust inventory usage on a daily basis.

First thing we needed to do was provide them with the ability to create new raw materials along with unit of purchase, unit of usage & categories. After that came managing inventory for each outlet and the ability to transfer inventory to another location.

When we were desiging this system the objective is to give more control over the business to Owners & managers while at the same time make it extremely easy for the team to input data, so their team has a quick leanring curve.

The fully functional system allows them to get visibility over their inventory and daily usage based on orders received in a day. This live access to reporting has increased their efficency by over 40%. Now it ay just seem like a number to you but for a Food brand with 6 outlets this results in savings of 1000\’s of dollars every month.

If you would like to see a demo of our inventory management system. Do reach out to us and one of our team members would be happy to share the details.

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