How to get Customer Reviews?

I recently went to Nandos to eat my favorite grilled chicken, but at the end of my meal, one of the servers came up and asked for us to give a review. Now if you haven\’t experienced this before, they ask you to visit this web link and this is how it looks like


This is just how it starts, and you give your feedback on the next page. This I think is a benchmark for how not to ask for customer feedback.

Another example is Domino\’s Pizza, which is 100 times better than this, at least. After placing my order, first I received an order SMS and after about 30 mins received a Feedback SMS.


If you visit the link, there are 5 questions on it, one of them being an NPS survey. This is still a simpler form, but I felt there are irrelevant questions on it and actually didn\’t end up filling it despite the bait offered for a Free Lava Cake.

It\’s very rare that restaurants/ food outlets ask for feedback. It is easier for Aggregators because they have an App installed in the user\’s phone, but slightly more complicated without an App.

Personally, I am not a fan of 5 start rating, this may come as a surprise, but my philosophy is that Feedback should be simple for the customer and meaningful enough for the business, so they can take an action on it and actually improve product/service.

This is why we have implemented a simpler Happy / Unhappy model. Customer only gets two options, a Thumbs Up and a Thumbs Down. In case of Thumbs Down, we prompt the customer to provide more details to turn it into an actionable review. Customer received an SMS with feedback link when the order is marked as delivered in the system.


We made this feedback system live for our customer 2030 Kitchen, the ratio of positive and negative reviews is 60/40 in the first few days and negative reviews are < 2% of total orders delivered. This is probably because if you had a decent experience, you are less likely to give a review, but with a bad experience It\’s completely opposite.

Let me know your thoughts and your take on getting customer feedback.

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