At Azulcode we specialize in developing software program to manage Business Operations. We understand that Businesses have very specific needs and this is why our software programs are desigend to be agile and can easily adapt to changing business needs.

The business operating software has different modules available and you can decide what modules to use as a business.

Modules Available

Point of Sale

A POS system is that start of your interaction with your customers. You can use our standard POS system to customize it to your own needs. The POS system can handle 10,000+ products and is complete hardware agnostic. You can use it on any computer, tablet or mobile phone.

User Management

Add as many users as you want and control what each user can access. All activity on the software is logged in our database, so you can easily track everyones actions.

No Hardware

Hosted in the cloud, Software program is complelety and 100% hardware agnostic and can work on any device. Whether its Apple, Android or Huawei you can use our software from any where at any time.


Manage upto 1000 products in our starting price of $99. Software can handle simple products or products with variations and other options. If there is anything we do not have, we will build it for you.


Manage orders for single or multple outlets. You can also handle different types of orders coming from various sources. We will also customize the Order flow for you to make it easier for your team to handle orders.


Keep track of yoyur customers, easily access customer history in real-time and allocate loyalty points to repeat customers. Automate feedback from customers using our Feedback module or create reports about customer behavior.

Employee Management

Keep track of empoyee timings using our attendance system. Create weekly or monthly wages automatically.

Inventory Management

Manage store inventory for Products and keep track of items running low.

Raw Materials Management

Manage Raw materials for each location as well as your Warehouse. Software automatically allocates raw materials inventory when an order is delivered to customer. This is a life changing module for Food businesses, since they use multiple ingredients to create a dish and it becomes difficult to keep track of all ingredients without the use if a good software.

Supplier Management

Manage all your suppliers in one place, create purchase orders, keep track of purchase price for any item and any payments to your suppliers.


Our Software is built to be extremely agile and we can customize any module to fit to your needs. Talk to one of our experts today and see how we can help make your life easier.