7 Free ways to optimize your blog post

A blog post is like an article or news on a website\’s blog section. It lets you share your ideas, stories, or information about anything. But how can you make your blog post even better? Think of it as giving your blog a cool makeover that everyone will adore. And guess what? You don\’t have to spend any money, it\’s all like free magic you can do in 2023!

1. Create solid keyword strategy:

A keyword strategy is like a roadmap for your blog\’s success. It involves choosing specific words and phrases (keywords) that your target audience is likely to use when searching online

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2. Make It Easy to Share on Social Media

Imagine if your blog post had wings and could fly all over the internet. Sharing your post on social media is like giving it those wings! When people share your post on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it\’s like a big shout-out to the world. When your blog posts are easily shareable, they can attract a wider audience and drive organic traffic to your website. This, in turn, can lead to increased authority and valuable backlinks. So, make sure to put those sharing buttons where everyone can see them.

3. Crafting Compelling Title

Titles are like salespeople for your content, showcasing it on search engines, in emails, and on social media. Writing amazing content is only half the battle. While there\’s no foolproof formula for crafting the perfect headline every time, there\’s a strategy to brainstorm ideas effectively. A comprehensive study by Outbrain and HubSpot, involving over 3.3 million paid links, revealed that headlines incorporating brackets or parentheses, with clarifications like [Interview], [Podcast], or [Infographic], can boost performance by up to 38%, compared to headlines without them

Well, it doesn’t mean that you put all your focus on adding brackets to your headings, Basically these brackets navigate readers exactly what they were getting themselves into before they even clicked.

  • Keep it short

Keeping your headlines under 70 characters is crucial, as Google may truncate longer headlines. For example, if I were writing this blog post, \”Think Social Media Is Just for Kids? Here Are 10 Statistics Guaranteed to Prove You Wrong,\” I\’d aim to short it to: \”10 Stats That Prove Social Media Isn\’t Just for Kids.\”

  • Numbers Makes a Difference

Readers appreciate list-style, numbers headlines because they indicate organized information with a clear conclusion. A study by Conductor shows that headlines with numbers are preferred. Moreover, Lists also make information clear and organized.


Furthermore, using odd numbers can provide an additional boost. Outbrain and HubSpot\’s research shows that headlines with odd numbers receive 20% more clicks than those with even numbers. If you enjoy writing, check out CoSchedule headline analyzer tools Remember, mastering headlines takes practice.

4. Your blog post should have meta description

Meta descriptions are significant because they inform Google about the content of your webpage. Google will have a better chance of placing your website higher in search results if they can read and understand the content of your meta description.


Google frequently (but not always) shows a page\’s meta description below its URL and title. It\’s a prime opportunity to convince users to click through to your content. Take a look at these basic Do’s and Don’t:

Keep it concise and up to 155 charactersDon\’t stuff with keywords.
Include a call-to-action (CTA).Don\’t mislead or provide false information.
Make it unique for each page.Don\’t leave it empty or blank.
Match the meta description with the content.Avoid using special characters excessively.
Utilize relevant keywords naturally.Don\’t overuse exclamation points or symbols.
Mention any special offers or unique selling points.Don\’t use vague or unclear language.
Use an active voice and make it actionableAvoid using all capital letters.
Consider the user\’s intent and search query.Don\’t solely focus on search engines.

By incorporating your focus keyword naturally into the meta description while providing a clear and compelling overview of what readers can expect from your post. An enticing meta description can improve click-through rates and contribute to higher search engine rankings.

5. Your blog posts should include images and videos

People are naturally drawn the visuals, and incorporating relevant images and videos can break up lengthy text, making your content more digestible. High quality infographics make your blog more enjoyable to read. Ensure that your visuals are high-quality, relevant to your topic, and properly optimized for web use to improve the overall user experience and encourage longer visits to your site.

6. Make Internal Linking Habit

When you add links to your other posts inside your current one, it\’s like creating a path for your readers to explore. This keeps anyone who visits your blog engaged and encourages them to explore more of your content.Iinks to new research studies to provide credibility and enhance the value of your blog post. It increases the credibility of your blog post by referencing and linking to recent research studies.

7. Create \”Questions\” Type of Posts

In a world filled with bloggers and web pages, the quality of your information and your credibility are what set you apart. Craft your blog posts with a focus on answering questions that your target audience might have. When your content directly tackles specific queries and concerns, it tends to perform well in search engine results because it aligns with what users are searching for.

\”Answer the Public\” is a helpful tool that generates keyword ideas based on user queries, working like a genie in a lamp to fuel your content creation.

Take awa

Remember, the world of SEO and trends is ever-evolving, there\’s no fixed rulebook for eternity. Keep updating your website\’s content is essential. If you ever find difficult to alleviate some of these challenges, don\’t hesitate to reach out to the Azulcode team. Let us take care of the hustle, so you can focus on flourishing.

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